Medico-legal expertise in Urology
Medico-legal expertise in Urology 

Medico-legal Instruction


Mr Moore is experienced in providing specialist expert reports & advice for medico-legal cases. He receives instructions from Solicitors for both claimant and defendant, together with joint instructions and group actions.  Currently the majority of reports are for the claimant. There are different reports available:


Condition & Prognosis Reports

We can usually see the patient in an outpatient consultation and prepare a Condition and Prognosis report within seven days. Mr Moore can see the patient in his rooms in London, Sussex or Kent.


Preliminary Case Assessments (PCAs)

PCAs include a detailed chronology, case summary and expert opinion. They are designed to allow solicitors not only to assess the merits of a medical negligence claim but also to obtain after-the-event insurance. They are unsuitable for disclosure to the other party. However, once a positive PCA has been prepared and subsequently a full report requested, the cost of the PCA will be deducted from the final fee.


Causation and Liability Reports

A detailed Liability and Causation report for medical negligence cases is prepared to fully comply with Part 35 CPR and is suitable for disclosure. Each report contains:

  • a summary of the case

  • a summary of the expert opinion

  • a list of documents from which the report was prepared

  • a detailed past medical history of the claimant/defendant

  • a full and detailed chronology

  • a detailed and clear opinion

  • the experts relevant experience and professional prologue

  • list of references / guidelines etc.


An anonymised report can be provided on request. We will also provide copies of any literature referred to in the report e.g. copies of relevant national guidance.


The cost of these reports depends on the amount of work involved and the complexity of the case. Once we have all of the documents we will be able to give you a more precise fee estimate. We usually complete such reports within four to six weeks of receiving all the documentation and solicitors’ authorisation to proceed.


To make enquiries or instruct Mr Moore please contact his PA by email or by telephone 01323 406155. The initial request is usually assessed within 7 days, and the case is either accepted or rejected. In the majority of cases the Expert Report can be completed within 6 weeks, however this may vary according to the complexity of the case or the need to gather further evidence or arrange meetings or clinical consultation.

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